Entry 9

   You find yourself in a dark, dusty corridor heading down into the earth. As you walk, the light from the entrance quickly fades to no more than a faint glow, and you are forced to use a torch to light your way. In its flickering light, you can see that the corridor opens into a room just ahead. You hear a quiet growl and draw your sword from its sheath.
   Suddenly your eyes detect movement—a pile of rags in the corner leaps up, revealing itself to be a vile goblin with warty green skin and a head shaped like a watermelon. Its filthy clothes are covered in bloodstains, and one hand still holds the roasted leg of a stolen sheep. In its other hand is a wickedlooking short sword. It snarls at you and charges!

In broken words of the Common tongue, it yells,
"Now you dinner!"

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Source: Paizo Blog