Entry 6

   “Thank you!” the farmboy sobs as you open the door of the cage. “I’ve been trapped here for days. I’m getting out of here, but if you’re going to keep going, you should be careful. There’s something far more terrible than a goblin deeper in the dungeon—the goblin called it the Skeleton King. Here, take my mace with you.” He brushes aside some of the straw on the cell floor and pulls out a weapon that looks like a club with a large metal head. “I managed to hide it down the back of my shirt when the goblin captured me. I think you’re going to need it against whatever’s hiding down there. Good luck!”
   With that, the young boy races out of the dungeon, heading home to his family. Record that you have a mace on your piece of scratch paper—this weapon might come in handy later.

Once you’ve written on your scratch paper that you have a mace, go to Entry #14.

Source: Wikipedia