Entry 5

   The passageway ends in a huge chamber with an arched ceiling. Stairs on the far side of the room lead up to a small platform. Atop the platform looms a golden throne decorated with glittering diamonds and rubies.
   Sitting in the throne is a skeleton dressed in the ancient and rusted armor of a king, a weirdly glowing longsword clasped in its bony hands. Suddenly the skeleton’s head turns toward you, and its empty eye sockets fill with red flames. Its jaw opens in a horrible smile as it raises the longsword and points at you.
   “So,” it rasps in a voice like two stones scraping together. “Your pitiful town has sent a champion. How kind of them. Since you’ve clearly slain my goblin servant, it’s only fair that you take his place and join me—in death!”
   With a grating laugh, the skeleton stands and moves toward you, readying its longsword to attack

  • If you attack the skeleton using your longsword, go to Entry #20.
  • If you attack the skeleton using another weapon you found, go to Entry #15.
  • If you run away from the skeleton, go to Entry #3.

Source: Paizo Blog