Entry 4

    The smell of mold grows stronger with each step down the western corridor. After about 50 feet, the corridor ends in a simple wooden door that stands half open, revealing a room beyond.
   Inside the room is a large cage made up of iron bars with a layer of moldy hay in the bottom. Lying in the hay is a local farmboy from Sandpoint, one of the children who went missing in a recent goblin attack. He looks hungry and is covered with bruises. Across the room from his cage, a large key dangles from a hook a few feet off the floor, just low enough for a goblin to reach. The boy appears to be sleeping.

  • If you take the key from the hook, go to Entry #11.
  • If you wake up the boy and talk to him, go to Entry #22.
  • If you ignore the boy and leave the room, go to Entry #14.

Source: Paizo Blog