Entry 3

    You turn and flee from the terrible skeleton, its hideous laughter following you as you scramble back through the halls. Eventually you reach the tunnel entrance and the sweet safety of daylight. Once you’ve caught your breath, you decide that enough is enough. You’ve slain a monster and survived greater dangers than any of the other townsfolk—that’s plenty of adventure for one day. You gather up what treasure you’ve found and head back to town, reaching the outskirts just as the sun is setting.

  You immediately head to the town hall to report your activities to the mayor, trailed by an impromptu parade of townsfolk. While everyone is glad to see that you made it back alive, the mayor and several others are worried about the greater menace left behind in the dungeon. She gives you half the promised reward, a total of 50 gold pieces, and tells you that the rest will still be waiting if you decide to venture back and finish the job—perhaps you’d feel more confident if you used your new gold pieces to buy another healing potion like the one you found on the goblin?
   Muttering, the villagers begin to disperse, hurrying home to lock their doors. For night is falling...

  • If you would like to return to the dungeon and finish what you’ve started—perhaps after spending 50 gold pieces for another healing potion that works the same way as the one from Entry #13—go to Entry #9.
  • Otherwise, continue on with the rules for making your own character.