Entry 13

With a final, desperate lunge, you slide past the goblin’s guard and send your blade plunging into its chest. The goblin snarls one last time in pain and frustration, then its bulbous eyes close and it slumps to the ground, dead. Taking a look through a filthy pouch on its belt, you find 7 gold pieces and a small glass vial filled with red liquid. Written on the cap is the word “heal.” This must be a potion of healing!
   Any damage the goblin caused you remains.

PencilMake sure to note your current hit point total on the scratch paper.

   You can drink the potion at any time during this adventure to regain 8 hit points. Note that you cannot exceed your maximum number of hit points (12 hp in your case). If you choose to use it during combat, however, you must drink it instead of taking an attack (which means the monster will get to attack you twice in a row).

PencilWrite  “potion of healing +8 hp” on your scratch paper and cross it out when you use it. You can only drink the potion once.

   Looking around, you see that the rest of the chamber is empty, but there are two corridors leaving this room that lead deeper into the dungeon.

  • The east corridor is full of cobwebs and looks like it has not been used in a long time. If you go east, go to Entry #18.
  • The west corridor smells of hay and mold, but is clear of webs. If you go west, go to Entry #4.