Entry 12

   This large chamber is mostly empty, except for the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Across the room you can see a gruesome stone sculpture of a devil perched above an open doorway. Scattered across the floor are a few gold coins. Through the doorway, you can see a flight of stairs going down deeper into the dungeon.
   Seeing no monsters in the room, you make your way toward the stairs, stopping to pick up the coins along the way. Halfway through the chamber, your foot catches on a hidden tripwire. Suddenly a blast of flame shoots out of the stone devil’s mouth, coming right toward you!
   You have encountered a trap, a common danger in dungeons. A trap makes an attack against your character. In this case, the trap shoots a cone of fire at you. This fire fills the entire room and automatically hits you, dealing 6 points of damage. Your only hope is to try to leap back out of the room and thus take less damage. This attempt is represented by a saving throw.


To make a saving throw against this trap, roll a d20 and add 2.
  • If your total is greater than the difficulty class (or DC) of the trap, you take only half damage. The DC of this trap is 11, so if your saving throw total is 11 or greater, your saving throw is successful, and you take only 3 points of damage. After this initial gout of flame, the trap is sprung and is no longer a threat.
  • If your total is less than 11, you take the full 6 points of damage
PencilWrite your new hit point total on your scratch paper.

  • If the fire reduces your hit points to 0 or fewer, the trap kills you. Go to Entry #17.
  • If you still have at least 1 hit point, you survive the trap. Go to Entry #21.