Entry 1

You are a brave warrior hailing from the town of Sandpoint, in a land called Varisia on the coast of the great Steaming Sea. Life in the small town is simple, but also hard—the surrounding wilderness is full of goblins and other monsters. Lately, these monsters have been growing bolder, carrying off children and livestock from outlying farmsteads. In desperation, the terrified townsfolk have turned to you for protection. The mayor, a kindly woman named Kendra Deverin, has promised you a reward of 100 gold pieces if you can clear out a nearby dungeon where some of these creatures are said to live. It’s a dangerous job, but you know in your heart that you’re up to the challenge. You gather up your gear—a sturdy suit of chainmail armor and your father’s old longsword—and head off into the woods, following the crude map the mayor gave you. After several hours of walking, you arrive at a desolate hillside.

Just up ahead is the darkened entrance to a tunnel. This must be the dungeon!

  • To gather up your courage and head inside, go to Entry #9.