Entry 24


Townsfolk cheer as you stride through the streets with the skeleton’s glowing longsword slung at your hip. From the front steps of the town hall, you regale the mayor and the townspeople with the tale of your victory, after which she presents you with your reward: a bulging sack containing 100 gold pieces—more money than you’ve seen in your entire life. What’s more, a local merchant who’s heard your story offers to buy the diamonds for 100 gold pieces each, and the rubies for 50 gold pieces each. You also find out that the magical longsword is a +1 longsword, which gives you a +1 bonus on all of your attack and damage rolls made with it.
   With the gold from the mayor’s reward and selling your gems, you have more than enough money to buy better armor, and perhaps even a magic potion or two. Already you’re starting to think that maybe the life of a heroic adventurer might hold a lot of promise...


Source: Paizo Blog