Playing the game


The Game Master (GM) is running an adventure for four players. The characters are Kyra (a human cleric), Valeros (a human fighter), Merisiel (an elf rogue), and Ezren (a human wizard). The adventurers have reached an old stone bridge over a river. After describing the scene, the GM asks the players what they want to do.

Let’s keep moving. I don’t like the look of this place.

Valeros: Agreed. I draw my warhammer.

Merisiel: I’d like to keep a lookout, just to make sure there are no monsters nearby.

The GM consults his notes about this part of the adventure and realizes that there are some skeletons nearby, and that the PCs have walked into their trap.

GM: Merisiel, roll a Perception check!

Merisiel rolls a d20 and gets a 12. She checks her character sheet to find her Perception skill Total, which is +6. She adds the +6 to her die roll.

Merisiel: I got an 18. What do I see?

GM: You notice four skeletons moving up behind you. They’re wearing rusted armor and waving ancient swords. I need everyone to roll initiative.

To determine the order of combat, each of the players rolls a d20 and adds the initiative bonus on his or her character sheet. The GM rolls once for the skeletons. Kyra gets an 18, Valeros a 16, Ezren a 12, and Merisiel a 5. The skeletons get an 11.

GM: Kyra, you have the highest initiative. It’s your turn.

Kyra: I cast a blesss pell so we all get +1 on attack rolls. Then I draw my scimitar.

GM: Valeros, it's your turn

Valeros: I attack the nearest skeleton!

Valeros rolls a d20 and gets a 17 . He adds his +3 warhammer attack bonus and +1 for Kyra’s bless, for a total of 21. The GM sees the skeleton’s Armor Class is only a 14.

GM: That’s a hit. Roll for damage.

Valeros rolls damage for his warhammer and gets a total of 9.

GM: Your warhammer crushes the skeleton’s skull, and the monster collapses into a pile of bones. Ezren, it’s your turn.

Ezren: I cast a  magic missile spell at the skeleton that’s closest to me.

Magic missile creates a blast of magic energy that always hits. Ezren rolls damage and gets a total of 5. This causes another skeleton to fall.

GM: There are only two skeletons left, and it’s their turn. One of them charges up to Valeros and takes a swing at him, while the other moves up to Kyra and attacks.

The GM rolls a d20 for the attack on Valeros and gets an 8, which is not equal to or higher than Valeros’s Armor Class of 18. The GM rolls again for the attack against Kyra and gets a 17, which beats her Armor Class of 16. The GM rolls damage for the skeleton’s attack.

GM: The skeleton hits you, Kyra, leaving a nasty cut on your upper arm. Take 6 points of damage.

Kyra: Ouch! I only have 2 hit points left!

Merisiel, it’s your turn.

Merisiel: I move around to flank one of the skeletons so I can make a sneak attack!

Merisiel makes her attack. As she is the last to take a turn, the combat continues, starting with Kyra and going in the same order as before, with everyone getting a turn, and repeating until one side or the other is defeated. If the adventurers survive the fight, they can cross the bridge and continue their quest for glory.