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Special Scrolls

The following are some higher-level spells from the full version of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.These treasures can give higher-level PCs some fun options in their adventures or help them to overcome or recover from dangerous high-level challenges. They work just like the other scrolls presented here, but contain powerful spells normally unavailable to PCs of levels 1–5 (and cannot be copied into a wizard’s spellbook).


 700 GP
This spell acts like cure light wounds, except it heals 4d8+7 hit points for a living creature or deals an undead 4d8+7 points of damage (Will save DC 16 for half damage). This cleric scroll is caster level 7.


 700 GP
You attempt to destroy all poison in a creature you touch. Roll 1d20+7 against the DC of each poison affecting the target. Success means the poison effect and penalties immediately end. This cleric scroll is caster level 7.


 6,125 GP
Casting this spell takes 1 minute. You touch a creature that died no more than 9 days ago and bring it back to life. The creature awakens with only 1 hit point per level or Hit Die. This cleric scroll is caster level 9.


 950 GP
Whenever the target takes damage from a nonmagical melee or ranged weapon, reduce the damage by 10 (to a minimum of 0). The spell ends after 70 minutes or once it has blocked 70 points of damage. This wizard scroll is caster level 7.


 1,125 GP
You and up to three creatures (who must be willing, unconscious, or dead) can teleport anywhere in the world. You must have a clear idea of where you want to go, such as “the Sandpoint Cathedral.” This wizard scroll is caster level 9.


 700 GP
This scroll creates a 7-inch-thick flat wall of ice that measures up to 700 square feet (10 feet by 70 feet) and is up to 100 feet away. Each 10-foot-square section of the wall has 21 hit points. This wizard scroll is caster level 7.