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The primary terrain features of a forest are trees and other plants. A forest may be sparse, medium, dense, or a combination of all of these. An immense forest could be sparse at its outer edge, dense at its heart, and medium in between. A forest may be warm, cold, dry, damp, bright, or dark.


The presence of a typical tree in a square doesn’t otherwise affect a creature’s ability to fight in that space, because it’s assumed that the creature is using the tree to its advantage when it can. Larger and older forests may have massive trees that take up entire squares, and provide cover just like a wall does.


Vines, roots, and short bushes cover much of the ground in a forest. Undergrowth is difficult terrain. Heavy undergrowth is easy to hide in. Charging through heavy undergrowth is impossible. Squares with undergrowth are often clustered together. Undergrowth and trees aren’t mutually exclusive; it’s common for a 5-foot square to have both a tree and undergrowth.


Fallen logs generally stand about 3 feet high and provide cover just as low walls do. They cost 5 feet of movement to cross. Forest streams average 5 to 10 feet wide and no more than 5 feet deep. Pathways wind through most forests; creatures can move normally on pathways, and pathways don’t allow cover or concealment.


The forest blocks line of sight after a certain distance, making it impossible to use the Perception skill to see anything farther than that (though you can still hear beyond this distance). In a sparse forest, this maximum distance is 3d6 × 10 feet. In a medium forest, this distance is 2d8 × 10 feet, and in a dense forest it is 2d6 × 10 feet. Because any square with undergrowth provides concealment, it’s usually easy for a creature to use the Stealth skill in the forest. Logs and massive trees provide cover, which also makes hiding possible. The background noise in the forest makes Perception checks that rely on sound more difficult, increasing the DC of the check by +2 per 10 feet, not +1.

TYPICAL TREE                (HP 150)

   AC 4; touch 4; flat-footed 4
   Defensive Abilites hardness 5
   Climb DC 5

MASSIVE TREE               (HP 600)

   AC 3; touch 3; flat-footed 3
   Defensive Abilites hardness 5
   Climb DC 5



MOVEMENT  2 squares
   SKILLS increase Acrobatics and Stealth DCs by +2
provides concealment



MOVEMENT  4 squares, no charging
   SKILLS increase Acrobatics DCs by +5, +5 bonus  on Stealth checks
   SPECIAL provides concealment (30% miss chance instead of 20%), no charging.